Actuarial Data Science

An initiative of the Swiss Association of Actuaries


The main purpose of this website is to make the work and results of the working group "Data Science" of the Swiss Association of Actuaries (SAA) / Schweizerische Aktuarvereinigung (SAV) easily available to interested people. Actuarial Data Science (ADS) is defined to be the intersection of Actuarial Science (AS) and Data Science (DS).

Attitude: "Data Science and Machine Learning have a great potential in various application areas. The SAA supports the research and development of Data Science and Machine Learning applications in the insurance sector. Special attention should be paid to the reliability, traceability and fairness of the methods."

The core targets are:

  • ADS Tutorials: Writing tutorials for actuaries which provide a thorough and yet easy introduction to various methods from Data Science. We provide methodological papers together with the code, such that everyone can easily learn the methods on his own data.
  • ADS Strategy: We have worked out a strategy for the Swiss Association of Actuaries in the area of Data Science. In our view, it is valid in much more generality for the actuarial profession.

In addition, we provide literature and events in the area of ADS.

Please enjoy our website, learn more about Data Science and Actuarial Data Science and we are more than happy to receive your feedback!

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