Actuarial Data Science

An initiative of the Swiss Association of Actuaries

Mailing Lists

There are three options to keep being informed about the activities of the working group. Choose one option and let us know what your preferences using the Contact form here.


Option 1: Linkedin Group

Follow our LinkedIn group here.

Option 2: Newsletter

You want to be informed about the progress and results of the working group, by receiving regular information (1-3 times a year) by e-mail.


Option 3: Member of the Sounding Board

If you want to be very close to the working party, provide detailed feedback and input, you are welcome to be a member of the Sounding Board. We want to limit this option to members of the Swiss Association of Actuaries and people who really want to be engaged in the topic, i.e. have time to interact and want to actively support the work of the working party.