Actuarial Data Science

An initiative of the Swiss Association of Actuaries

(Actuarial) Data Science external courses

For fully qualified actuaries who aim to enhance their (actuarial) data science skills with a non-SAA course, the subsequent recurring block courses may be considered.

ZHAW: CAS modules "Data Science"

CAS modules of the "MAS Data Science" offered by the Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW), which can be combined to a DAS or MAS degree.

More detailed information can be found here.

As a member of the SAA  you can benefit from a 5% discount on the course fees of this course. Please mention the following in the commentary field of the registration form: "I am a member of the SAA and hence I get a discount of 5%".

"Zuerst theoretische Daten-, IT- und Statistik-Grundlagen erlernen, dann praktische Fähigkeiten in R und Python aneignen. So habe ich als erfahrener Aktuar meinen Horizont nochmals erweitern können", Roger Hämmerli, Actuary SAA

DAV: Modules "Actuarial Data Science"

"Actuarial Data Science" training modules of the German Association of Actuaries (DAV).

More detailed information can be found here and here.

Participants from the SAA only receive a confirmation of participation and not a certificate.

"The CADS course has led me to take a step back from day to day work and given me an overview of the different pieces connected to the field. I appreciate the breadth of the course. Especially on quality metrics, visualizations I found some valuable additions to my personal repertoire. ", Markus Reitschuster, Actuary DAV